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The Minipack Torre Mail Bagging Machine

As with many of the machines in the Minipack range the Mailbagger has been proven over many years and is one of the most popular vertical bagging machines specifically designed for the wrapping in polythene of printed items ready to send through the post. Using light weight polythene as protection for items such as book, pamphlets and flyers can reduce postage costs and keep you printed items clean.

Various collar sizes mean that the Mailbagger can pack products from 5 mm to 20 mm in thickness at speeds up to 1200 per hour. With different modes of operation it is also possible to collate whilst packing which makes the addition of a top sheet very quick and easy. The machine can also be stared from a foot pedal and with the addition of the take off conveyor can load into a box or mail sack.

The machine are single phase and have wheels making them easy to position in any print environment and can easily be wheeled out of the way when not in use.

The Minipack Mailbagging Machine will wrap polythene film around magazines, brochures or catalogs automatically and then seal it ‚ it does this in one quick single operation. These polywrapping machines are one of the most cost effective, fast and efficient ways to enclose and protect marketing material for post and mail without the use of an envelope.

Up to 1200 poly wrapped ready to mail packs can be processed per hour with the Mailbagger and it will automatically adjust to the length of the bag without the need to manually adjust the settings. The Minipack Torre Mailbag machine is easy and safe to operate and requires very little operator training.

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Minipack Torre Mailbagger

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