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Sleeve Wrappers For Transit Packs With Polythene Shrink Film

Gramegna Meets Minipack Torre

Gramegna packaging are one of the oldest producers of angular sealing machines in Italy with their history going back to 1960 when they first acquired the patent of an american company this success carried on throughout this period and in 1970 they designed the first sleeve wrapping machine in Italy.

Automatic and semi-automatic sleeve wrappers with Minipack-Torre quality and  efficiency

No Matter what you are looking for either a fully automatic sleeve wrapping or just a semi automatic sleeve sealing solution the in the Gramegna range we will have a machine to fit the packaging task you have. These machines are designed to work best with polythene shrink film that Dan can supply in any width and thickness to get the optimum pack helping to keep your transit packaging cost to a lower level as possible. The most popular packs for these sleeve wrappers are thing such as multi pack of bottles and jars etc but can be used for a whole host of products that require sleeve wrapping in polythene.

All the sleeve wrapping produced by Minipack Torre Gramenga are certified according to all current European regulations. With no 2 applications being the same then the research and development that is carried out on these machines pays dividends by the production of extremely reliable packaging machinery.