Pratika Smart Automatic L Sealer

The New Ground Breaking Smart Automatic L Sealing Machine

Pratika 55 Smart the automatic shrink wrapping machine with built in heat tunnel

The Pratika Smart L Sealing machine was born out of the continued desire from inside the Minipack Torre factory to innovate and move forward in the world of shrink wrapping. The brief was to close a gap between the traditional semi automatic l sealing machine and the standard automatic l sealing machines. The smart machine fills this gap perfectly with its return to operator configuration (Just one of the many options available) and use of high quality Schneider electronics and servo drive motors. With no compressed air required to allow this sealing machine to achieve up to 20 packs every minute the Pratika Smart is really the smart option when it comes to automatic l sealing machinery.

  • Features Include
  • Schneider Electric M221 PLC with 128 adjustable programs
  • 4.3 inch colour touch-screen control panel
  • USB and SD communication interface
  • Schneider Electric Brushless motor drive
  • Micro-perforation device with film tensioning adjustment on the set product height
  • Triangle and sealing bar with height adjustment
  • Sealing bar opening height and pressure easily adjusted from main display
  • Belt speed (infeed/outfeed) adjustable by programmable Schneider Electric inverter model Altivar (optional)
  • Connectors for interfacing with supplementary unloading and loading belts
  • Standard belts compliant with the strictest regulations in force in the food sector (FDA) and completely anti static
  • Motor driven film waste winder
  • Incorporated tunnel with reduced energy consumption

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